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#67: Did triathlon 'come back' this year?

Q&A: Too much endurance training may be bad for your mental health

#66: Our most popular stories of the year

Your December Roundup of the Most Important Training & Gear News

#65: Women's races, women's squads, women athletes

Q&A: Unbound Gravel's original force behind-the-scenes

#64: The Best Athlete & Race & Performance of the Year

A Psychology Researcher Taught Me Something New About Goals

#63: Race transfers for everyone!

One year on: thank you for believing

#62: Happy Turkey Trots Day

What I Use Right Now

#61: Missing: 180 people's bikes

Q&A: A top DI NCAA tri coach

#60: Is college the future of women's tri?

Your November(ish) Roundup of Training & Gear News

#59: Lots of small thoughts

#58: Let me explain this drama

Book Club: Q&A + discussion questions

Book Club Discussion: 'Sidelined' - What applies to triathlon? What doesn't?

#57: A 97.2% finish rate

Giving world championship vibes

#56: 2,100 women + 55 pros (or something)

Who will win Women's Kona?

#55: From the Big Island

Your September(ish) Roundup of Training & Gear News

#54: The runway from Spain to Hawaii

Q&A: The sustainability director for the New York Marathon

#53: No rest for the weary

Book Club Pick: 'Sidelined'

#52: Nice v. Kona

Good job boys

#51: World Championship week snuck up here

Things to know about Nice

Who will win Men's Nice?

#50: Imaginary center lines are a vibe

Q&A: The story behind UTMB

#49: Paris v. Singapore

5 Thoughts from the Olympic Test Event

#48: How to make the Olympics

Your August(ish) Roundup of Training & Gear News

#47: GOATs in the Brew City

Vibes from Milwaukee

#46: Where is Milwaukee?

The Hardest Race You Haven’t Heard Of

#45: Road to winning

#44: Things to read

Your (and my) summer recommendations

#43: Wanted: The next Ironman CEO

Q&A: The founder of the Enhanced Games

#42: Take a break

Book Club: 'The Race That Changed Running'

#41: If a record falls, does it make a sound

Q&A: The science of women's sports

#40: It's pronounced Rote

Your June(ish) Roundup of Gear and Training News

#39: Proper aid station etiquette?

Who is Responsible for Anti-Doping in Long-Course Triathlon?

#38: Tragedy in Hamburg

Zoom Invite: Book Club for 'Up to Speed'

#37: Let's panic!

From the archives: The fight for triathletes with disabilities

Episode 24: Who brings the race party?

#36: Lucy & Paula & Emma & Sebi

Episode 23: Knocking on creepy vans with the If We Were Riding team

#35: Pro triathlon can be exciting. Really.

Your May(ish) Roundup of Training & Gear News

Episode 22: A new group ride starts

#34: Now, on to Japan

Postcard from Ibiza

#33: Some joke about Ibiza

Episode 21: The biggest weekend of the year

Announcing: The Triathlonish Book Club

#32: Everything's bigger in Texas

Episode 20: So much to talk about

Q&A: Behind the broadcast

Episode 19: Ironman's Americas Champs

#31: You get a race and you get a race and you get a race

A Brief History of College Triathlon

#30: So you wanna be an Olympian

Q&A: James Mitchell, triathlon's scrappy photographer

Episode 18: All about Oceanside

#29: Out here making myths

Your April(ish) Roundup of Training & Gear News

#28: It's not called Harbor-side


Episode 17: For the love of racing with MBK

Q&A: The data guy behind most of triathlon's stats, ratings, and predictions

Episode 16: The Oscar-winning triathlete

#27: Women are not a market

You can post threads now!

#26: Rich guys, media motos, and fundamental flaws

Inside the Olympic Training Centers

#25: How (how!?) to watch triathlon

Episode 15: Who's ready to race?

Your March(ish) Roundup of Gear and Training News

#24: The lure of the rings

Episode 14: Race season is officially here

On falling down and getting up

#23: Tri's (too) many secrets

Episode 13: Ruth & Sid explain the PTO to us

From the archives: The original "Hawaiian Iron-Man Triathlon"

#22: Announcing race announcement season

Episode 12: The 2023 Preview Show

Q&A: Triathlon Taren on algorithms, endurance content, Youtube, and what works

#21: What we do best: rules!

Your February(ish) Roundup of Training & Gear News

#20: The state of the sport is...

Episode 11: Globe-trotting, announcements, awards, and rumors

Thread: What are your favorite races?

#19: Partying in the French Riviera

From the archives: A little Nice history

#18: The world's #1 triathlete

Q&A: One of the judges for the Global Triathlon Awards

#17: Stop whining

Giveaway: Win a Trip to USA Triathlon Fantasy Camp

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#16: You don't even know

Your 2023 Calendar of Triathlon Races That Matter

Our Sports’ Volunteer Problem