Why triathlonish? Because this is a place for triathlon news and analysis. Well, triathlon-ish news and analysis.

I’m Kelly O’Mara. I used to be editor-in-chief of Triathlete and before that wrote the wildly popular If We Were Riding newsletter. This is like that, but different.

I’ve long wanted someone to cover triathlon and our sports (whatever “our sports” means: Olympic sports, endurance sports, all the non-ball sports) the way real big mainstream sports are covered. The way people argue about who could win over beers in bars. But I wanted it without the being a jerk part. I want fun analysis and commentary to exist for the rest of us who aren’t beginners and aren’t forum trolls. That’s what Triathlonish is.

We don’t do training plans. We don’t do gear reviews. SportsCenter doesn’t tell you how to get better at basketball or which football cleat (that’s a thing, right?) is best. There are lots of places online for those things and many sites that run press releases. But Triathlonish isn’t that. We’re here to cover our sports in ways we don’t usually get covered. The goals are 1. fun, 2. a non-douche place for us to talk about, dissect, gossip, and analyze triathlon-ish things, 3. new ways of thinking about our sports, and 4. fun.

This is triathlonish. No basketball, no football, no baseball. All sports, no balls.

What you get

Triathlonish will be delivered for free to your inbox every Wednesday morning, with all the commentary and things to know each week. (I’ll come out with additional special newsletters during special events like Kona or the Olympics.)

We also combined forces with If We Were Riding for a weekly triathlon-ish podcast. Available on the Feisty Triathlon feed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts. And all Triathlonish subscribers can join our triathlonish forum/chat on the Substack app.

Paid subscribers help support the work that goes into Triathlonish and receive an additional Sunday evening in-depth story (either an interesting Q&A, a reported piece, or the monthly roundup of all the gear & training news you actually need). Paid subscribers also get access to our quarterly Book Club, an audio version of each Wednesday’s newsletter (to save you time), little fun surprise extra content, community threads, and a small thank you gift. We’re figuring what exactly our community wants and what makes sense as we go, and hope to build out a Race Reviews section as well. If you can’t afford a paid subscription, just email me at kelly@triathlonish.com and I’ll get you set up.

If you have an interesting Q&A you’d like to do or a race you want to review, email me at kelly@triathlonish.com. We pay a small amount for these.

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Was editor-in-chief of Triathlete Mag. Was pro triathlete. Now just regular triathlete.