Feb 21 • 1HR 28M

Episode 13: Ruth & Sid explain the PTO to us

In which Ruth Astle's internet fails, but we call it a controversial "storm out" so you click to listen.

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We've combined forces with If We Were Riding team for a weekly triathlon-ish podcast. Sarah True & Kelly O'Mara lead a group ride each week, with Laura Siddall joining us for Sid Talks on the latest triathlon news. Available on the Feisty Triathlon feed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts: https://livefeisty.com/category/podcasts/feistytriathlon/
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This week we’re spending some time diving into the details of the Pro Triathletes Organization. To do that, Laura Siddall (who sits on the PTO Athlete Board) chats with Ruth Astle (who served on the Rankings Committee that recently overhauled the PTO ranking algorithm, and who was recently elected to the Athlete Board). They get into some of what went into that overhaul and the recent changes at the PTO and how the athletes are involved.

First, though, Kelly & Sid talk about this past weekend’s races, discuss the roll-out of the draft detecting technology, and have their own preview of the latest PTO announcement that prize money will be consolidated in the top 50 and field sizes at the PTO races will be smaller. Is it the right move?

Like we said: All things about the PTO.