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Below we’ll have the most recent two weeks of triathlon results and the upcoming races this weekend — always with details of how to watch.

You can find the most comprehensive long-course race results on the PTO’s site.

You can find all World Triathlon (mostly short-course) race results on World Tri’s site.


  • 20 existing Ironman (70.3 and full) races are designated as part of the pro series

  • Each race earns athletes points to their series standing

    • Winning a full is worth 5,000 points and winning a 70.3 is worth 2,500

    • World championships are worth 6,000 points and 3,000 (respectively)

    • Points decrease by time: 1 second behind the winner = 1 point until they zero out

  • An athlete’s best five results count to their series total

  • The Ironman Pro Series is open to *all* athletes with a pro/elite license

  • Prize money: The 20 races maintain their existing prize money of $2,575,000. There is also $1.7 million in bonus money for the final series standings: The winner gets $200,000 and the top ten totals $650,000; athletes 11th-50th get $5,000 at the end.

See the current IM Pro Series standings here.

PTO T100

  • Eight 100km races (2k swim, 80k bike, 18k run)

  • There are 20 contracted athletes who have to commit to five of the T100 races + the Grand Final at the end. (Athletes who are competing in the Olympics have dispensation to only do four T100 races + the Final.)

    • Contracted athletes were primarily selected by PTO rankings + some special selections

    • When an athlete can’t race an event, the 20 spots will be filled out with “wildcards”

  • Each race earns athletes points to their series standings

    • Winning is worth 35 points, down to 1 point for 20th. Winning the Grand Final is worth 55 points, down to 4 points for 20th.

  • An athlete’s four best races count to their series total

  • Prize money: The eight races have $2 million in prize money. There is an additional $2 million for the final series standings: The winner gets $210,000 and it pays down to 20th.

  • Contracted athletes were additionally paid a total of $3 million for the series

See the current T100 standings here.

How to watch triathlon

Upcoming this weekend

This week’s triathlon results

WTCS Yokohama


  1. Morgan Pearson (US)

  2. Matthew Hauser (AUS)

  3. Luke Willian (AUS)

  4. Leo Bergere (FRA)

  5. Charles Paquet (CAN)


  1. Leonie Periault (FRA)

  2. Taylor Knibb (US)

  3. Emma Lombardi (FRA)

  4. Taylor Spivey (US)

  5. Kirsten Kasper (US)

Full results here.

World Para Cup - Yokohama

Full results here.

Mallorca 70.3


  1. Emma Pallant-Browne - 4:14:21

  2. Laura Philipp - 4:14:36


  1. Nicolas Mann - 3:49:19

  2. Jan Stratmann - 3:49:27

Full results here.

Last week’s triathlon results

St. George 70.3


  1. Paula Findlay - 4:09:27

  2. Ellie Salthouse - 4:11:56

  3. Jackie Hering - 4:12:50

  4. Jeanni Metzler - 4:14:47

  5. Kate Curran - 4:15:42


  1. Sam Long - 3:39:17

  2. Ben Hamilton - 3:46:52

  3. Antony Costes - 3:48:19

  4. Jackson Laundry - 3:48:22

  5. Nicholas Quenet - 3:48:49

See full results here.

Ironman Australia


  1. Regan Hollioake - 9:02:03

  2. Rahdka Kahlefeldt - 9:10:59


  1. Sam Appleton - 7:57:32

  2. Mike Phillips - 7:59:19

See full results here.

(The hierarchy of World Tri races is WTCS > World Cups > Continental Cups, so we’re only sharing top results from the World Cups & up.)