Sitemap - 2022 - Triathlonish

Episode 10: Behind the Camera with Shannon Spake

#15: Look into my crystal ball

#14: Who is triathlon's audience?

Episode 9: Zeinab Rezaie is the First Afghan Women to Finish the IM 70.3 World Champs

Your (and my) gift recommendations

#13: Best of 2022

Episode 8: Dede & Sid's Ultraman World Championship Story

Q&A: Ironman's Head of World Championship Events

#12: 100% chance of dying

Episode 7: Triathlon Can Learn from the Tour de France Femmes

Thread: What should doping penalties be?

Three Pieces of Gear That Caught Our Eye This Month

Episode 6: Ironman CEO Joins Our Live Kona News Show

#11: What if it's actually good if Kona isn't always in Kona?

Thread: Kona move & change - What questions do you have?

#10: Thanksgiving in Abu Dhabi

Episode 5: An Ultraman Thanksgiving and a Showdown in Abu Dhabi

Race Review: Escape from Alcatraz

#9: The old college tri

Episode 4: Meet USA Triathlon's new CEO, Vic Brumfield

Q&A: The world's leading crowd scientist

#8: Flora, Queen of the World (Tri Series)

Episode 3: Thank you Bermuda!

#7: The other world championship

Episode 2: Penalties, Run Battles, and If No One Watches a Race in the Desert Did It Even Happen?

#6: Who will win 70.3 Worlds?

Podcast: 70.3 Worlds Preview, Kona Debrief, and Is SGRAIL As Cool As It Looks on IG?

#5: Let's talk about rankings

#4: No going back

A new Iron War


#3: Time for new Kona myths

#2: Kona, Kona, Kona, Kona, free stuff, Kona

Contest: Make Your Kona Podium Predictions

#1: Will the PTO succeed?

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