Dec 6, 2022 • 1HR 3M

Episode 7: Triathlon Can Learn from the Tour de France Femmes

And where in the world is Sid?

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Sid’s back for this week’s episode—this time she comes to us from Daytona—and we break down last week’s big news, the broadcast from the Florida racetrack, and all the latest results.

And then, using many of the questions you all brought up, we chatted with Kate Veronneau about the work that went into the first women’s Tour de France, how she went from injured basketball player to tour de force for women’s cycling, and what triathlon can learn from that experience as we think about world championship races for men and women.

One note: We throw some spectator stats in there when we’re talking and, while triathlon spectator stats are notoriously fudge-y and hard to pin down, we should correct some numbers. Ironman has said in the past that its live Kona Facebook coverage gets 10-20 million views (meaning someone watches at some point) and the PTO has said it got 2-3 million live for its inaugural Collins Cup, even Jan’s Battle Royale claimed to reach 8 million people on German broadcast TV.

Photo: Courtesy of Zwift