Yeah, as a norcal based, mid-to-rear-pack short distance triathlete, what races am I supposed to do now? Last year, after years of had-a-baby-then-had-a-pandemic, I decided to do my first tri in a long time, and my only real option was Santa Cruz — a race I love in a place I love, but with an ocean swim that is not the MOST accessible for a newbie and such a far cry from when my biggest problem was deciding which of the MANY USAProductions sprint or oly races I wanted to bop to on any given weekend between May and September. It's hard to see myself actually making an effort to do races when there's such a limited inventory of options. And obviously I only know the situation where I live, but I'd be shocked if it's just a norcal problem.

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Spot on with your commentary on "Tri's Great Big Problem."

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