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"...so much of the pre-race marketing itself has been framed as drama and rivalries and made-up shit-talking. It’s weird. It’s not authentic, and it’s not very triathlon."

This. The trash talking fake drama is bizarre and awkward to watch. Who do they think they're going to draw to the sport with this stuff in 2022?

That said, I wanted to say I enjoyed and appreciated the 'tri scoop' bulleted notes with links.

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With you on PTO. I’d much rather they succeed than the venture capitalists and sport-washers in other formats. I think a big challenge is finding the right niche - to make athletes the stars they have to race frequently but that means shorter distances. Which in turn creates the challenge of a rule set that works for high-speed racing without drafting.

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Excellent. Nice work. Thanks for publishing this. If the rest are a lot like this, it will be great. If also someday there is a spot for a coach to say something, that could be cool. And gear... we all like new toys, right?

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I really want the PTO to succeed. It does seem like it's having a positive impact. The fields are better than any race outside the championship events. Much more exciting to watch more of the top athletes going at it. I think the coverage has been solid, and your suggestions would make it better. I really want to see power, heart rate and other data. Those athletes are off the charts, and seeing the data would put that in greater perspective.

Super bummed for Linsey. She's always been one of my favorites to root for.

Great job on first newsletter!

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+1 to more coverage than just the top 3 during the PTO races. Would have been cool to see Jason running through the entire field along with shots of pros walking that I can relate to 😅. Great newsletter 👍 looking forward to reading more!

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