I have ine question: will i see you at the T100, spectating?I will be one of those age groupers jumping into that freezing water on Sunday, debating about booties but definitely the „squid lid“

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oh i'll definitely be there

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Who are the people on the Olympic team selection committee? Tried to find a list of names; no luck.

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it's on this page under selection procedures: https://www.usatriathlon.org/elite/elite-athlete-qualification. it's listed as (though I'm actually wondering if this needs to be updated since Joe isn't with USAT anymore, but still you get the idea):

USAT Performance Manager (Chair) Ryan Bolton

USAT Elite Triathlon Senior Manager (Vice Chair) Courtney Gardner

USAT Director of Elite Paratriathlon Manager Lindsey Jerdonek

USAT HP Development Manager Joe Maloy

USAT Elite Athlete Representative #1 (female) Sarah True

USAT Elite Athlete Representative #2 (male) Greg Billington

USAT Elite Athlete Representative (AAC Chairperson or designee) William Huffman

USAT Licensed Coach Representative Kathleen Johnston

USAT Senior Counsel Nellie Viner

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