Seeing the passage of road in question on Lionel's 70.3 video, it's hard not to feel frustrated for him, especially getting a visual of what that stretch of road looks like. To pass without crossing the (invisible) centerline, it looks like one would have to ride wildly close to the riders they're passing.

Kelly, I heard something on a podcast that I'm hoping you can confirm and/or clarify: That Ironman uses local volunteers as referees, even at the world champion events. Is this actually true? Because my jaw dropped at hearing this. I tried googling for information and came up with categories of referees and some vague qualifications and such, without a lot of solid information. If it's too much -or too loaded- for a comments section, I certainly understand. Thanks!

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About the Tough Mudder, 🤢🤮🤢🤮 Also, I learned that Rico's coach is Joseph Spindler who is one of my former teamTBB teammates!! 2 degrees of separation!

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